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How to use your tent in different seasons and environments

July 29, 2019

china latest news about How to use your tent in different seasons and environments

Storm clouds

Summer use

It belongs to single-layer, fairly ventilated, is a kind of canopy with a nylon floor, fairly ventilated, is a low-altitude camping type, it can resist light rain, design considerations focus on ventilation, followed by weather resistance, usually the top is ventilated screens, the bottom is nylon cloth, there are external accounts, light color will not let the interior too much sunshine. Unbearable, unable to withstand the strong wind belt, foreign debt can only withstand the light rain.

Three Seasons Use

Tents used in non-snowy periods are different from barracks in that they are resistant to strong winds and slight snow. Most tents have permeable nylon inner tents and waterproof outer tents. The tents are double-decked and covered with gauze screen. The moisture inside the tents is permeable and the tent doors are large. These tents are suitable for activities from three days to one week. It's better to have forests or open campsite terrain that won't be overly exposed.


Four Seasons Use

The material of tent is hard, it can support snow and strong wind, and the double door type is easy to enter and leave the camp in bad weather. The design of this kind of tent is suitable for snowstorm under forest boundary, considering the problem of taking and putting equipment during snowfall period and whether the space inside and outside is enough for cooking.


Alpine use

Most of the mountain air flow is very strong, tent barracks must support and resist sudden bad weather, tent design must be suitable for climbers or hikers, quality easy to carry comfortable.


Waterproof cloth

Waterproof cloth is a relatively light and inexpensive way of camping. It can be used in low-altitude forests or sub-alpine forests. It has poor defense ability against heat release and wind or insect intrusion. Plastic waterproof cloth is easy to build. It is better to drill holes in four corners to cover it easily. Otherwise, some pebbles are used to wrap and tie the ropes. So far as nails can be searched for some twigs to serve as nails, the best size is 9 x 12 feet for two persons and 11 x 14 feet for about three persons.

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