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The Best Sun Protection Shirts

July 30, 2019

company cases about The Best Sun Protection Shirts

Sun shirts should fill a number of needs beyond simply blocking UV rays.

On the lookout for the best sun shirt to keep the burn at a bay this summer? We've amassed 7 of the top selling sun shirts and dragged them through tropical jungles and up to alpine vistas to help you identify the best sun protection for your preferred activities and budget. We started with shirts using UPF protection as a major selling point, then looked at characteristics generally associated with sun protection: synthetic fabric, coverage, specialty collars, hoods, and venting. That led us to a collection of products that ran the gamut of designs, ranging from pullover hoodies to baggy button-downs. We put them to the test in the tropics, along the California coast, and in the elevated Sierra Nevada mountains around Lake Tahoe, where spas and cosmetic treatment centers market services about fixing alpine-sun damaged skin with lasers, which is way more expensive than the shirts tested here.

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