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What is SURVIVA Field Survival?

July 29, 2019

company cases about What is SURVIVA Field Survival?

Assessment of the situation

If it's a battle situation, first find a hiding place, remember, safety first. Use your sense of hearing, smell and vision to find out the battlefield. What are the enemies doing? Is it moving forward? Or do you keep your troops still? Or retreat? When you execute your life plan, you must know the situation on the battlefield.


Assessment of the environment

Determine the regional model. First, get a general idea of the situation around you. Every environment, whether it's a forest, bush or desert, has a rule or a pattern. The patterns include the sounds and activities of animals and birds, the songs of insects, and sometimes the traffic of enemies and the activities of civilians.


Assessment of physiological status

The pressure of battle, or the stimulation of survival, may make you fail to notice that you have been injured. Check the wound and take first aid measures on your own, and try to avoid further injury to your body. For example, in any climate, a large amount of water should be added to prevent dehydration. If it is in a humid and cold climate, wear more clothes to prevent hypothermia.



Assessment of equipment

In a fierce battle, some of your equipment may have been lost or damaged. Check to see what other equipment you have and check their performance.


You have assessed your situation, environment, physical condition and equipment. Now you can make a survival plan. At the same time, keep in mind the most basic physiological needs: water, food and shelter.


Blind aggression is a waste of time.

Without careful thinking and detailed planning and blindly pursuing speed, fatal mistakes are likely to be made, leading to capture or death. Don't act just for the sake of action. Consider the situation before deciding on action. If you act rashly, you may forget or lose some equipment. You may lose your way and don't know which way to go. If the enemy is near you, you must plan well before you take action. You should not only act quickly, but also not endanger yourself.



Remember where you are

Circle your location on a map and draw the relationship between it and the surrounding terrain. This is a basic principle that you should follow. If there are other people with you, make sure that others know where they are. Be sure to know who has maps and compasses on your team. If the man dies, you must take the map and compass from him. Pay close attention to where you are and where you are going. Don't expect others to provide routes, stick to your own position, at least you should try to determine the relationship between your position and the following position:

The position of the enemy and the area under their control.

The location of friends and the area they control.

Water sources (especially in desert areas).

Areas that provide concealment and cover.

This information can help you make wise decisions when you survive or escape.


Overcoming (vanquish)

Overcoming fear and panic

The greatest enemies of escape are fear and panic. If you don't control them, it's hard to make wise decisions. They will let you follow your feelings, be constrained by imagination, regardless of the actual situation. They will make you nervous and lead to some negative emotions. The survival training and self-confidence mentioned earlier can help you overcome fear and panic.

We can buy all kinds of goods. It is very cheap to replace many of them when they are broken. This culture of "easy come, easy go, easy change" makes emergency measures unnecessary in our daily life. The lack of this ability may become a fatal injury to you in the survival environment. So you need to learn how to make an emergency on the spot. Take a special tool and see how many other uses it has. Learn to use local materials, such as stones as hammers. No matter how complete survival tools you bring, they will be used up or damaged after a period of time, but imagination is endless, use your imagination.


Cherish Life

Everyone of us came to the world with kicks and punches, but gradually we got used to a comfortable life. We make our lives more and more comfortable and do not like inconvenience and discomfort, so what happens when we are in a very uncomfortable, inconvenient, stressful predicament? At this time, the will to survive - to cherish life - is extremely important. The experience and knowledge you gain from your daily life and training in military academies have a great bearing on your aspiration to survive. The indomitable will in the face of difficulties will bring you tremendous strength both mentally and physically, endure all kinds of pain and persevere.


Act like a local

Local residents and animals in an area have adapted to the local environment, so if you want to know the area, you'd better observe how the local people do their daily life. When do they eat? What do you have to eat? When, where and how do they get their food? When and where do they look for water? When do they usually go to bed? When do you get up? As a survivor, these things are important to you. Animal activity in the area can also provide you with survival clues. Animals also need food, water and shelter. Watch them and you'll find water.

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