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Outdoor sports need to be cautious. How to save yourself in case of danger?

July 29, 2019

china latest news about Outdoor sports need to be cautious. How to save yourself in case of danger?

It's hard to predict what's going to happen when you go hiking outdoors. An emergency kit and first aid kit may come in handy when you are injured, so be sure to carry them with you. However, in the outdoor journey, the most important thing is to understand the method of self-help.


How to deal with snake attack

Encountering animal attacks on different routes is really like fighting death, such as snakes and bees, which are highly toxic animals. Seriously, they can be fatal. It's better to avoid being attacked. If encounter snake bite in the field, the wound will appear larger and deeper dental marks, can be judged as venomous snake bite; if no dental marks, and no local pain, swelling, numbness and weakness within 20 minutes, it is non-toxic snake bite, only need to clean the wound, stop bleeding, dressing, if conditions are available, should go to the hospital for injection. Tetanus.

Generally speaking, the symptoms of venomous snake bites will gradually appear 10 to 20 minutes later, when time is the most important. Firstly, find a cloth band or long shoelace to tighten the wound 5-10 cm near the upper end of the heart to alleviate the spread of toxins; in order to prevent limb necrosis, relax for 2-3 minutes every 10 minutes or so; Repeatedly rinse the snake venom on the wound surface. Then take the tooth mark as the center, cut the wound skin into a cross shape with a sterilized knife. Then squeeze hard with both hands, cupping, or covering the wound with four or five layers of gauze, suck hard with mouth gauze (no wound in the mouth), try to suck out the poison in the wound. At the same time, take antivenom tablets immediately, and apply antivenom powder around the wound. As far as possible to slow down the action of the injured, and quickly sent to nearby hospitals for treatment.


How to deal with bee attack

In the course of walking, the beehive should be bypassed, and must not show the meaning of "intimacy". At the same time, it is better to wear light and smooth clothes, because bees'visual system is very sensitive to the movement of dark objects in light background.

If the bee swarm is attacked by mistake, the only way is to protect your head and neck with clothing and run backwards or lie down in situ. Don't try to fight back, or it will only lead to more attacks. Unfortunately, it has been stung by bees. You can use needles or tweezers to pick out bee stings, but don't squeeze them to prevent the remaining toxins from entering the body. Then use ammonia water, soda water or even urine to smear the stung area, neutralizing toxicity. Cold water soaked towel can be applied to the wound to relieve swelling and pain. Finally, go straight to the hospital.


How to deal with limb injuries quickly

In outdoor sports, it is unavoidable to encounter limb injuries, but we must understand how to deal with injuries, such as fractures, falls, sprains and so on, how we should deal with the wounds in time. Fracture 1. If there are cutaneous wounds and bleeding, remove visible dirt, and then use clean cotton or towel pressure bandage. 2. When bleeding occurs in open fracture of extremities (fracture ends exposed through wounds), you should not abuse rope or wire to tie limb rest.


3. If upper limb fracture can be fixed with wood or wood roots, cardboard, and then suspended on the neck with bandages or ropes. Lower extremity fractures can be fixed with wooden boards or roots, or both lower extremities can be tied together to achieve the purpose of fixation.

4. Pelvic fracture, with wide cloth tied pelvis, patients supine, knee joint semi-flexion, knee pad a pillow or clothing, to stabilize the body, reduce shaking.

5. After the above disposal, the patient can be transported to the hospital.


Generally, sprain can cause joint swelling, severe pain, limited movement, subcutaneous congestion, inability to move or lateral bending.


1. Stop moving (at least reduce the effort), especially sprain of ankle and knee joint.

2. Put gauze and towel on the affected part and apply it with ice bag.

3. Can be matched with Shujin Huoxue drug treatment, but do not massage and massage. Keep in mind that during rest, the affected area will be padded up.


People with poor physical fitness are prone to heat fainting when they go hiking in summer due to intense activity and excessive physical consumption, especially when they fail to replenish the lost water and salt in their bodies in time. The whole person feels exhausted, restless, headache, dizziness and nausea. His face was pale and his skin felt cold and wet. Breathing fast and shallow, pulse fast and weak. It may be accompanied by muscle twitches in the lower extremities and abdomen.

Once a febrile syncope occurs, it should be moved to a cool place to lie down as soon as possible. If the patient is conscious, he should drink some cold boiled water slowly. If the patient sweats a lot, or cramps, diarrhea, vomiting, should be added to the water to drink salt (1 teaspoon per liter). If the patient has lost consciousness, he should lie down in a recumbent position, rest fully until the symptoms are alleviated, and be sent to the hospital for further treatment.

If the constitution is not good, special attention should be paid to avoid excessive physical activity, pay attention to rest rhythm and maintain physical strength. Drink more salty water or drinks during the operation.


Cramps are very common. They are caused by excessive exercise or poor posture during mountain climbing, poor coordination of muscles, or by the loss of salt in the body during or after mountain climbing, which results in sudden involuntary contraction of muscles. Cramps often occur during rest in camps.


At this time should pull the muscle of the affected area, make the affected area straight, gently massage the muscle of the affected area. Replenish water and salt and rest until the affected area feels comfortable.

Before and after taking part in other outdoor activities such as mountain walking, adequate warm-up and preparatory exercise should be done.


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