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Prevention and Simple Treatment of Frostbite in Alpine Region

July 29, 2019

china latest news about Prevention and Simple Treatment of Frostbite in Alpine Region
Frostbite is the most common local injury among the victims in cold area. Local frostbite itself is not fatal, but its consequences are extremely serious. Many people who died in cold areas lost their mobility mainly because of frostbite, unable to carry out various survival activities, and finally died of hypothermia. In fact, frostbite can be avoided or alleviated by taking appropriate preventive measures.


It is much easier to prevent frostbite than to treat it.


Preventive measures must be taken.



Prevention methods:

Local frostbite has no obvious sensation in the initial stage, therefore, the frostbite-prone areas need to be closely observed. If there are more than two people, you can observe each other's face whether there are white spots.

The neck and face should be surrounded by cloth. Tighten the cuffs and trousers feet to prevent the wind and snow from blowing in. Don't sit in the snow when you are tired or hungry. You may never get up.

In order to prevent frostbite, we should activate facial muscles in time, such as frowning, eye squeezing, grinning, rubbing face, ear, nose and other parts with hands. Particular attention should be paid to the drying of shoes and socks. When sweating, they should be replaced or dried in time, because they are most likely to be frostbitten in wet conditions.




Simple treatment of frostbite:

If the skin is found to be red, white, cool and hard, rub the wound with hand or dry velvet cloth to promote blood circulation and relieve frostbite. Mild frostbite can be effected by rubbing with capsicum wine. In case of frozen stiffness, do not immediately lift the injured person to a warm place. First rub the limbs, do artificial respiration, and wait for the injured person to regain consciousness, and then to a warmer place to rescue.

Once frostbite occurs, do not rub the frostbite area with snow balls, because this will emit more body heat to aggravate the frostbite.

The injured hand can be warmed under the armpit, and the frostbitten foot can be warmed in the bosom of the companion or under the armpit.

If conditions permit, it can be rewarmed by immersion in water at about 43 degrees Celsius. When the water temperature is too low, the effect is not good. It is easy to cause scald when the temperature exceeds 49 degrees.

The quicker the rewarming speed is, the better it can be rewarmed in 5 - 7 minutes, not more than 20 minutes at the latest. Rewarming too late may increase late complications.


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