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Skills of sleeping in outdoor camping

July 29, 2019

china latest news about Skills of sleeping in outdoor camping

Whether you're using a newly purchased sleeping bag that's quite bulky and comfortable or how to make yourself comfortable sleeping with a long battle-hardened sleeping bag is the first priority, keep in mind that the sleeping bag won't warm or heat itself, it just slows or reduces the body's heat release, and the best way is for the body to store more heat.


The factors of external environment will affect the comfort of sleeping.

Keep away from the bad environment: Tents in comfortable locations can increase the temperature by about 30 degrees. Camps should not be located at the bottom of streams, because this is a cold air gathering place, and do not camp on ridge ridges, choose leeward or forest areas, or use camping bags or snow caves.


Sleeping bag fluffy degree: because the new sleeping bag is squeezed in the sleeping bag set for a long time, the initial fluffy degree and thermal insulation will be slightly worse than not warm, it is best to set up a good tent and open the sleeping bag to make it fluffy, of course, the longer the better the mattress.

Material: Each kind of mattress has different thermal insulation coefficient. It can insulate the heat released from the bottom of the sleeping bag. Yes, we can use different mattresses in different seasons. For example, in snowy season, it's better to choose full-length solid mattress or automatic inflatable mattress, and then put the backpack, main rope or other items under your feet.

Complete waterproof: Any wet mattress will be unbearable and uncomfortable. If there is no waterproof sleeping bag, it can be replaced by a large garbage bag. When the tent is soaked in water, the wet items can be placed inside. In bad weather, the inner tent will gather water droplets, so the windows of the tent must be slightly cracked. Let the tent be ventilated. When the rain passes and the sun shines, the sleeping bag must be taken out and sunned. If it snows, it should be spread out directly in the tent. Wear enough clothes: The mountain guide once said that if you don't sleep completely and wear all your clothes, it means you take too much clothes. It's better to wear a hat because half of your body's heat dissipates from your head.

Full Food: Food is fuel, do not have an empty stomach or an empty oil depot before going to bed. Eat some high-calorie substances before going to bed. At the same time, adequate water is very important to the metabolic function of the human body. When you feel tired, you wake up thirsty when sleeping, or when you want to drink more water, you need to urinate about four to five times a day. Urine should be transparent. If yellow means that the body is still dehydrated.
Warm-up: Sleeping bags do not maintain and produce heat, do not immediately lie in the sleeping bags to the camp, too tired and too cold body is useless, eat and enough dinner and hot drinks, and then walk in the moonlight for a while, with no sweat as the standard to warm the body to sleep comfortably, no matter what kind of sleeping bags used in the humid environment will still be able. Uncomfortable and poor warmth, may as well use sleeping bag jacket, it can breathe out the body's water vapor, even if the tent is condensing a little water or living in a snow hole is still comfortable, but plastic products will not breathe wet sleeping bags, generally the head of sleeping bags will be dirty, sleeping bags are best washed by hand, use neutral detergent or special purpose. Feather detergent, cleaning process should not have detergent residues in sleeping bags to be cleaned quietly, the use of washing machine steps are complex and not recommended to use, twisted drying must be aired for several days before collection, especially feather sleeping bags must be constantly beaten to prevent it from gathering into lumps, activities end, sleeping bags must be immediately suspended and air-dried, do not stay asleep for a long time. Feathers or fibers will be extruded and deformed in the bag, preferably in a large bag or wardrobe. Do not dry-clean the feather sleeping bags to wash the natural grease of feathers, unless sent to a special store.
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